Posted by: youcountnow | January 23, 2008


“The space that every man occupies in the world is measured by the faith he expresses in connection with his aims and purposes.”   – Napoleon Hill

I have spoken to you previously about the necessity of wedding purpose to correct thought.  Intelligent, positive thinking will get you nowhere until it is guided by definiteness of purpose.  But even purposeful thought must be buoyed by an abiding faith.  The most noble purpose backed by the best-laid plans will prove no match for the twin cancers of fear and doubt if allowed to take hold.  Fear and doubt are as cryptonite to success and have but one antidote — faith. 

Haven’t we all seen an athletic event where one team has a big lead late in the game when the tide begins to turn and the team behind begins to make a move?  What usually happens is that the team in front begins to freeze up.  You can see fear and doubt begin to creep in and run away with themselves.  We end up watching a seemingly improbable come from behind victory by their opponent. 

True champions know that the victory is theirs whether they are the team ahead or the team making the move from behind.  You must have absolute faith in the outcome of your endeavors or fear and doubt will eat you alive when obstacles are confronted.  Neither fear nor doubt can occupy the mind at the same time as absolute faith.  When you develop a faith strong enough that there is no possibility of an outcome different from that which you desire, fear and doubt will find no room in which to occupy your mind and victory will be yours.”  — Jeff Young      

I found this to be an inspiring message in midst of all the things I got going on in my life that are so out on the limb that I get scared.  I often don’t know what I am going to encounter while i am going forth on my dreams, and sometimes I encounter things that I judge, at the moment to be obstacles to my path, only to find out later that they were tremendous learning esperiences that gave me insights and more power.  Funny how that happens!  Just shows you, that faith is what keeps you going in the face of challenges. When you got faith, you will overcome.

Share an example from your life, or from something you know about, that would illuminate this message.  People love hearing personal stories and examples.  I do.

Dr. Ray Blanchard


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