Posted by: youcountnow | January 24, 2008

What You Fear You Create

Have you noticed that what we fear, we tend to create?  Well it is not magical how that happens.  Take for instance the Stock Market these days. There has been lots of talk about a near-recession or a full blown recession is happening in our economy. Since that conversation began, did you notice how many Americans and foreign investors ran quickly to their brokerage firms and sold their stock, thus creating a massive sell off.  The sell offs then caused more panic and others went to do the same, thus causing the stock market to go down even lower.  Then the Finance Chairman lowered the interest rate by a huge amount compared to historical standards, calling it a “stimulus package” to offset the slide in the market.  Well, that action caused people to think, “Oh there must be something wrong”, and they panicked to cause a deeper plunge. At the end of the day, the results are matching the fears. Thus we create what we fear. 

We may not create it directly, but the dynamics that go into effect from one action can geometrically grow into major outcomes.  It shows you that your thoughts and actions make a difference and they influence other thoughts and actions which then affect you again.  So be careful what you think and how you act on those thoughts, because they may come back to you in spades.  What goes around comes around — “circle, circle!”. Said another way, every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause.  This is what is meant by the law of attraction in action. It is not magical; it is dynamical.  You do, in that sense, create your own reality.

Let me know what you think on this, and how you see that happening in your life or in the world.  And what can we initiate to have something happen that we want to have happen?

Dr. Ray Blanchard


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