Posted by: gregistheanswer | September 4, 2008

Tim Randolph on the Law of Duality

The Duality of Life

an observation

To best find balance in our lives, it certainly helps to begin with understanding. When we understand the nature of something, we are then better equipped to co-operate and interact with that object, being or Entity. For example, to someone with no musical knowledge, a Steinway Piano is a large piece of furniture that is capable of producing sound.
However, to someone with advanced knowledge of musical theory who understands how the keys interact and combine to create chords, the piano is then transformed into an amazing vehicle in which a powerful composition can be created that can physically inspire or emotionally move another human being. A little understanding can dramatically change the subjective value of any given physical or metaphysical object.
That being said, it is infinitely invaluable to understand how we as human beings work, and just as importantly, how our universe works. Let’s begin here with a basic natural law of our universe. I am speaking of the “Law of Duality.” Everything needs balance or opposite force in order to exist. For there to be Faith, there must be Doubt. If there was no doubt, how could we test our faith? The very nature of faith is to believe in the face of “no possibilities” or “adversity.” If doubt doesn’t exist, then faith doesn’t exist. Without balance, our universe might tip over so to speak. Night needs day and day needs night.
Once we really grasp this concept we are less anxious to compare things or to label things “good” or “bad.” Things just are and everything has its place in the balance of the universe.
Here is what I believe to be the fundamental origin of the duality:
We, as human beings, generate everything in our physical reality from only two core emotions: Love or Fear.
This is the most important part of the lesson: The source of “Love” is God. (Or the divine wisdom of the universe if you prefer)
The source of “Fear” is Guilt and Shame. (Separation from God)
Therefore, the duality really breaks down to represent “all that is connected to the origin of life” and “all that is separate from the origin of life.”
This basic understanding of one of our universal laws can greatly serve us to operate more effectively in our world, while simultaneously helping us to see the opportunity for balance in each of our more challenging moments.

Tim Randolph


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